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Editorial Policies
Chinese Journal of Cell Biology is owned and published by the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IBCB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Cell Biology Society. It is published monthly in printed versions.
The journal publishes papers based upon original research to make novel and important contributions to understanding the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes.
When a manuscript is submitted, the Editors assume that no similar paper has been submitted for publication elsewhere. Further, it is understood that all authors listed on a manuscript have agreed to its submission. Upon acceptance, authors must sign a License to Publish.

Conflict of Interest
Potential conflicts of interest exist when an author or reviewer has financial or personal interests in a publication that might, in principle, influence their scientific judgment. Financial interests include, but are not limited to, stock-holding, consultancy, paid expert testimony and honoraria; they also include any limitations on freedom to publish that are imposed on an author by an employer or funding agency. In order to encourage transparency without impeding publication, authors are required to include a statement at the end of a manuscript that lists all potential financial interests or, if appropriate, that clearly states that there are none. Possible conflicts of interest of a personal nature should also be communicated to the Editorial Office, who will discuss with the author whether these ought to be listed.

Publication information
We only publish original manuscripts that are not also published or going to be published elsewhere. Duplicate publications or redundant publications (re-packaging in different words of data already published by the same authors) will be rejected. If detected after publication, the Editor reserves the right to publish a notice of the fact without requiring the authors' approval. Competing manuscripts on the same study, for example by collaborators who have split into rival teams after the data were gathered, are acceptable only under special circumstances: please contact the Editor Office for advice.

Human and animal rights
For manuscripts reporting studies involving human subjects, statements identifying the committee approving the studies and confirming that informed consent was obtained from all subjects must appear in the Materials and Methods section. All experiments on live vertebrates or higher invertebrates must be performed in accordance with relevant institutional and national guidelines and regulations. In the manuscript, a statement identifying the committee approving the experiments and confirming that all experiments conform to the relevant regulatory standards must be included in the Materials and Methods section. The editors reserve the right to seek comments from reviewers or additional information from authors on any cases in which concerns arise.


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